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Robbery is considered a violent crime, which means that if you are charged with robbery, you will be charged with a felony. Unfortunately, felony convictions or “guilty” pleas to felony charges can have serious consequences. You may have to report the conviction to your employer or professional association, you may have to disclose it on future employment applications and may not be eligible to vote or possess a firearm. Avoiding a felony conviction should be your goal and as experienced North Carolina robbery defense attorneys, it is our primary goal in each of our robbery cases.

Types of Robbery Charges

You may or may not know that robbery cases in North Carolina generally fall into two categories: 1. Armed robbery; and 2. Common law robbery.

  1. Armed robbery is the common name for legal charge of “robbery with a firearm or other dangerous weapon.” This is the more serious robbery charge in North Carolina and is a Class D Felony. It also falls within the structured sentencing requirements for both first-time and repeat offenders.
  1. Common law robbery is robbery without a firearm or dangerous weapon. This is also a serious charge and is a Class G Felony. While it calls for a shorter minimum sentence, it also falls under the structured sentencing guidelines.

Sentencing for Robbery in North Carolina

Structured sentencing guidelines and requirements were put into place to ensure consistent sentencing for specific crimes across North Carolina. While it is helpful to know what sort of sentence you may be facing, it also means the prosecutors have less room for negotiation on certain charges and that the judges have very limited ability to customize sentences after pleas or verdicts. Because of the sentencing guidelines, presenting a strong case to defeat or reduce the initial charge is extremely important. If you would like to know more about structured sentencing, please take a look at the link provided on our resource page.

How Our Robbery Defense Attorneys Can Help

At Powers McCartan we have successfully represented a number of people accused of robbery and we believe that our confidence and experience are some of the greatest tools we can offer our clients. However, as no two cases are identical, we provide customized representation in each case. We will take the time to discuss the specifics of your situation and work with you throughout the process. As seasoned North Carolina robbery defense lawyers, we can explain what the mandatory sentencing requirements are for the charge you are facing and we can devise a strategy to present the most comprehensive defense possible.

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We understand that things happen and you never intend to need the services of a defense attorney. We want you to know that your criminal case does not have to be a lonely experience; your North Carolina robbery defense attorney at Powers McCartan will be in your corner the entire time. The first step to getting an ally on your side is picking up the phone and calling Powers McCartan at (704) 342-4357. We are waiting for your call and we will be happy to discuss the specifics of your case with you.