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Careless Driving

Careless driving is a bad habit. Paying attention while driving may be one of the most important things that citizens of North Carolina can do. It is respectful and considerate to drive attentively. Careless driving is a dangerous habit that can put anyone using the road at risk, including passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.

Careless driving has the potential to lead to points being added to a license, to more money being spent on court fees, more money being spent on car insurance and more time being wasted than driving carelessly is worth. In fact, speeding over 55 miles per hour can possibly lead to a driver being assessed three points on his or her license. Those three points might increase the cost of a driver’s car insurance, and time spent in court can possibly cost him or her money as well. Why drive carelessly if it can be avoided?

If you are caught driving carelessly and receive a traffic citation, the lawyers at Powers McCartan may be able to help you better understand your options. Their ability to advise those accused of violating North Carolina traffic laws can possibly contribute to positive outcomes for violators.

Driving carelessly is something that can likely be avoided. For example, consider an individual driving without focus as an ambulance pulls up behind his or her car, trying to pass. That individual may be impeding an ambulance from getting to its destination, possibly affecting the outcome of the emergency situation. If a law enforcement official observes this and tickets the driver, the driver can potentially receive three points on his or her license according to North Carolina traffic laws. Running through a stop sign is another violation that has the potential to add three points to a driver’s license. These points may add up quickly.

Reckless driving has the potential to bring four points with it and aggressive driving might bring up to five points with a citation. All of these can likely be avoided if drivers pay more attention when behind the wheel. By focusing, drivers may be able to save their time, their money and possibly their lives.

North Carolina traffic laws are in place to keep drivers or anyone on the road safe; however, some drivers may find themselves temporarily on the wrong side of the law for one reason or another. If you have been cited for a violation of a North Carolina traffic law like careless driving, you may want to look into acquiring the help of a lawyer. Legal representation from Powers McCartan, PLLC, for instance, can provide insight into the process you have to go through when you receive a citation. The compassion and sincere desire to help one can find at Powers McCartan can be incredibly valuable if a driver is looking for help fighting traffic violations.