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Being pulled over for a traffic violation is stressful.
Many times a person isn't aware of the potential consequences.
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DMV Hearings Appeals

Heading to a DMV hearing after receiving a North Carolina traffic citation can be an intimidating experience. If an individual does not know enough about the legal system, the person may be at risk for experiencing severe consequences. There can be many options when it comes to traffic citations and, if an individual does not know these options, he or she can potentially end up with the maximum sentence for the violation.

Using a North Carolina traffic attorney as a guide to the legal system can be advantageous. If you are looking for legal representation with experience, compassion and a desire to help, the lawyers at Powers McCartan may be right for you. In some cases, recipients of North Carolina traffic citations may not have to go to court if they have representation.

Traffic law hearings can be complicated to those without experience. Many have found themselves waiting outside of a courtroom wondering what will happen next. What many individuals are worried about when they are written traffic citations is the fact that points that can possibly come along with the violation. Speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving, running a stop sign or a red light are all violations that have the potential to lead to points being assessed on a driver’s license. When an individual receives points, his or her insurance company might be informed and car insurance costs can possibly increase. With an attorney from Powers McCartan, an individual’s rights can be protected, and he or she may be able to better understand what the right procedure is when it comes to going to court to fight a traffic violation.

Without the experience and legal knowledge that a North Carolina traffic attorney may be able to contribute to an individual’s case, the outcome may already be decided. Using an attorney, like one who works at Powers McCartan and has a desire to help individuals who have received North Carolina traffic violations, may ultimately help accused violators better work through the court process and possible consequences attached to citations.

Being respectful during the writing of your citation and during your court hearing can be extremely helpful. Cooperating with the court, the judge and your lawyer can potentially bring about a better outcome, especially if you have the support of a North Carolina traffic attorney from Powers McCartan, PLLC.