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Driving While Licensed Revoked

North Carolina traffic laws can possibly denote that certain drivers lose their licenses. Losing a driver’s license can stem from numerous situations, including having accumulated points on the license, a first-time DWI charge or other traffic violations. In these cases, some former drivers can possibly be left without their vehicles after being tried in court. If violators are caught driving without a license, the legal ramifications can potentially be severe.

If a driver who has had his or her license suspended gets behind the wheel and is caught, law enforcement officials have the opportunity be strict and may not take an offense like this lightly. Driving without a license can be construed as a blatant disregard for North Carolina traffic laws and, in this same vein, may come off as a form of disrespect to the police officer or the courts.

According to one North Carolina traffic law, the Division of Motor Vehicles should dictate the licensing of all drivers of motor vehicles. Drivers must have this license on them at all times when behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle. Another portion of that law says that anyone caught without a license while operating a motor vehicle may potentially be subject to penalties. These penalties can include a fine, jail time or possibly a combination of both. The violation can be considered a Class 2 misdemeanor and can cause a bit of a headache for the offender if he or she heads to court.

Those who are caught driving on a revoked license, however, may face a Class 1 misdemeanor with similar consequences, except these can perhaps be more severe. This Class 1 misdemeanor has the potential to lead to the permanent revocation of a driver’s license. The first and second offense can add one year and two years, respectively, to the suspension of a driver’s license that is already suspended when someone is caught driving without a valid license. Any offense after that, if the person is convicted, can put a permanent revocation of a driver’s license on the table for the court.

Those caught driving without a license that did not have it on them at the time have the option of bringing their valid driver’s license into court and proving that they are licensed to drive a motor vehicle in the state of North Carolina. A similar situation can exist for those who have an expired license. As long as the individual possessing the expired license has renewed it within 30 days of its expiration and can prove that they have done so, the charges of driving without a license can potentially be dropped.

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