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Being pulled over for a traffic violation is stressful.
Many times a person isn't aware of the potential consequences.
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Failure to Obey Traffic Signals

In North Carolina, being caught ignoring a traffic signal, a stop sign or a yield sign can potentially lead to an individual be ticketed. In any case, the lawyers at Powers McCartan can help you understand what your next move can be when you receive such citations.

Traffic signals are part of everyday driving. By ignoring them or failing to obey them, a driver can possibly be putting many people at unnecessary risk. Many have caught themselves driving carelessly, zoning out because driving has become so routine and mundane that they cannot manage to focus on the act. Driving the same route day-in and day-out can lead to this kind of complacency; unfortunately, this complacency can possibly lead to a ticket.

Acts like not coming to a complete stop can be considered failure to obey traffic signals. Performing a rolling stop is one of the more common infractions that can lead police to pull individuals over. Driving through a red light or even a yellow light can give traffic officers reason to cite a driver. Many of these traffic violations can come with points attached, and North Carolina traffic citations can add up. As they do, the points can accumulate and have the potential to cause the suspension of a driver’s license. After 12 points within three years, drivers may begin to worry that their licenses will be suspended. The suspension can possibly last up to six months on a driver’s first point-associated license suspension. After the first suspension and if a driver’s license is reinstated, it may only take eight points within three years for the license to be suspended again.

Those in dire straits regarding their possible license suspension look to lawyers for help with preventing the pending suspension. Those looking for assistance with tickets involving failure to obey traffic signals can look to Powers McCartan for help understanding the next steps that should be taken. If you or someone you know has recently been received a failure to obey North Carolina traffic violation, consider turning to Powers McCartan for help.