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How Violations Affect Insurance Rates

Many North Carolina traffic violations can potentially result in the addition of points to a person’s license. These points might be attached to a person’s driving record and his or her insurance company could be informed. In this case, some insurance companies may decide to increase the cost of a driver’s car insurance after he or she has been convicted of a traffic violation.

Depending on the traffic violation for which an individual is cited, insurance rates can possibly skyrocket. With points being part of the penalty for various violations, those looking to better understand the system may be better off hiring legal representation.

Every point on a driver’s license has the potential to increase car insurance rates. Littering while in a vehicle, for example, may receive one point as punishment. More serious North Carolina traffic violations can receive more serious penalties. Many moving violations may bring two points, as can failure to restrain a child properly. Violations such as driving on an expired license and speeding over 55 miles per hour can possibly find a driver with three points. Four points might come with offenses like illegal passing and reckless driving. One of the highest point penalty crimes can be passing a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children, which may amount to five points on a license. Those looking to keep their monthly costs down may want to be wary about the way they drive. Accumulated points can potentially mean accumulated insurance costs.

Those that have their driver’s licenses suspended or revoked can also have higher car insurance rates. A driver’s license might be suspended for several reasons; the driver’s license point system can puts a license with 12 points or more within three years at risk of suspension. Certain serious North Carolina traffic violations can possibly cause a license to be suspended automatically. Driving while intoxicated, for instance, can be one of these. Anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated in the state of North Carolina may potentially have his or her license suspended for a year. Drivers convicted of DWIs are likely to have higher car insurance rates. These drivers can be considered risks to car insurance companies, so the companies may charge those drivers convicted of traffic violations more than drivers with clean driving records. By understanding this, drivers may realize that they do not want points on their driving records unless they want to have larger insurance costs on top of the fines that they have already paid. Serious traffic violations can come with jail time, fines, points and increased insurance costs. Whether he or she is a serious violator or a first-time offender, a driver can view legal counsel as an option for better understanding the system.

North Carolina traffic attorneys may be able to help those worried about higher insurance costs that stem from traffic violations. The lawyers of Powers McCartan have experience with the traffic laws of North Carolina, which allows them to educate their clients about their options.