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North Carolina Illegal Street Racing

North Carolina Illegal Street RacingNorth Carolina illegal street racing can be a serious offense. Street racing may have several participants and a large amount of spectators. The dangers that can be involved with driving in an illegal street race (like crashing or getting into trouble with law enforcement) or even watching one (like becoming involved in a crash) can be reason enough for some people to not participate in or observe one. However, street (aka drag) racing has the potential to be a persistent problem on some North Carolina streets, which is why it can carry serious consequences.

What Happens If I Get a Ticket or Get Arrested for Street Racing?

During the summer months, especially during periods of good weather, street racing becomes more common on the roads of Mecklenburg County.  And with increased “fast-and-furious” flexing of horsepower comes law enforcement crackdowns Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) officers, the North Carolina Highway Patrol and tother local agencies.   Racing is not limited major roads in the Charlotte area, such as Interstate 77 and Interstate 85.  “Spontaneous Speed Competitions” can occur on some of the more sleepy roads of center-city Charlotte when two hotrods come upon each other at an intersection.

Make no mistake, Speed Competitions, whether pre-arranged or spontaneous are serious criminal offenses.  Active participation in street racing can carry long term consequences:

  • Loss of License
  • Seizure of Vehicle
  • Increased Insurance Premiums or Dropped Coverage
  • Motor Vehicle Points
  • Jail Time
  • Probation
  • Community Service

For specifics review the North Carolina General Statute § 20-141.3 “Unlawful racing on streets and highways.”

After the street racing bust, the arrested racers accrued more than 40 different charges, such as speeding, driving without an operator’s license, reckless driving and prearranged racing. These are just some of the charges that were brought up against the offenders. A prearranged racing charge alone has the potential to cause a license to be suspended for a substantial period of time. Street racing can also result in the Court confiscating a street racer’s vehicle.  And it isn’t hard to understand that both insurance points and motor vehicle points carry long term consequences.

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Speeding has the potential to bring about other consequences such as higher insurance costs. Though speeding may seem like a minor violation to some, it can be serious might even, in some circumstances, end up costing quite a bit of money and causing a great deal of stress.

It makes sense to talk with an experienced attorney before handling any type of traffic ticket.  The lawyers with Powers McCartan, pllc are experienced handling a wide range of traffic violations.  Powers McCartan stands ready to provide advice those who have been accused of street racing on the streets of Charlotte, Concord and Brevard.