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Reckless Driving

Those who drive recklessly may be caught in the act and subsequently might face serious punishments. North Carolina traffic laws describe reckless driving as willfully disregarding the safety of others while operating a motor vehicle. However, this definition can potentially be subjective and therefore may be up to the discretion of each law enforcement official.

Some reckless driving laws are much more specific than this. For instance, an individual driving 15 miles per hour over the speed limit in an area with a speed limit lower than 55 miles per hour can possibly be charged with reckless driving. This is straightforward enough. Other examples of reckless driving may not be as simple. With a reckless driving charge, drivers may find themselves facing fines, points on their licenses and possible jail time. Fines can vary, as can jail time, but the points attributed to a driver’s license for violating North Carolina traffic laws denoting reckless driving can usually hover around four. In some circumstances, reckless driving can potentially even lead to the suspension of a driver’s license, depending on the driving record of the individual in question.

Those who have been pulled over for reckless driving can possibly face a criminal charge. An individual that has been convicted or plead guilty to a charge of reckless driving might have a criminal record for the rest of his or her life because it is a Class 2 misdemeanor. Reckless driving can bring with it similar punishments to other misdemeanors of the same class. Individuals convicted of reckless driving might even spend time in jail. For their first offense, the punishment could be no more than 60 days in jail with a maximum fine of $1,000. Some individuals that have been convicted of a reckless driving charge might even have their licenses suspended for a year. With four extra points on a driver’s license, a car insurance company might also increase an individual’s insurance rate.

Many people may think that reckless driving is limited to driving that seems unsafe. However, intricate complications involved with a reckless driving charge may make this violation one of the more complicated traffic violations an individual can face. Understanding the rules and regulations involved with a reckless driving charge can be difficult. With the help of a North Carolina traffic attorney from Powers McCartan, however, individuals charged with reckless driving may have the Class 2 misdemeanor better explained to them. Powers McCartan’s experienced and empathetic lawyers can help you fight your violations to the best of their abilities.