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While tailgating may seem like a minor offense in relation to a serious charge like DUI/DWI or hit and run, this violation can still potentially result in harsh penalties. In addition to fines and higher insurance expenses, tailgating can possibly cause your license to be suspended if you have a history of North Carolina traffic citations. In some cases, tailgating can even result in a reckless driving charge. As a Class 2 misdemeanor, a reckless driving conviction from tailgating could potentially cause your license to be revoked or even lead to incarceration. If another driver is injured or killed because you tailgated, the penalties might become even greater.

Under North Carolina law, following another vehicle too closely can be dangerous, as it might carry a high potential for causing accidents. The driver of a vehicle that is very close to another may have less time to react to a sudden stop then one who is the appropriate number of car lengths behind the vehicle in front of him or her. If several cars are tailgating each other, a chain reaction could possibly occur, causing a large amount of damage and even injury. North Carolina police might use radar guns to determine how close vehicles are following one another. If the results indicate a significant chance of danger, an officer may decide to issue a citation for tailgating.

In the event that you are issued a traffic ticket related to tailgating, you may want to contact a North Carolina traffic attorney. Hiring a legal representative from a respected firm such as Powers McCartan allows you to benefit from the years of traffic court experience our attorneys possess. With knowledge of state traffic laws that is paired with compassion and a sincere desire to help, our North Carolina traffic attorneys stand ready to help those with tailgating violations better understand their rights.

In North Carolina, each traffic violation on your record may cause you to accumulate points on your license. If you earn enough of these points, the state DMV can potentially suspend your license for 60 days, six months or even a full year. A qualified traffic attorney can help you better understand this point system, and may be able to help you better fight your charges.