northcarolinadwicarinsurancedl123There are many penalties associated with criminal court and with the North Carolina Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles if you are charged and convicted of DWI. For these reasons alone, you should contact an experienced DWI defense attorney like Bill Powers of the Law Offices of Powers McCartan. In addition to the penalties in and outside of the courtroom, you’ll also be faced with the dilemma of your auto insurance coverage.

Obviously, having a DWI conviction on your driving record is going to be a red flag for your insurance carrier. The insurance company may label you as an at-risk driver, which may result in substantially higher insurance premiums and possibly even the cancellation of your policy. So what should you do if you were recently charged with DWI? First, you should talk to a seasoned attorney who is experienced in nuances associated with Driving While Impaired charges. Bill Powers is one such lawyer.

Our justice system assumes that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, which is why you may not have to let your insurance carrier know about your DWI charge just yet. Since you have not been convicted of the crime of DWI, you’re not “hiding” anything from your carrier.

Bill Powers understands that keeping your vehicle on the road is a top priority; you need to drive to get to work and to run essential errands. Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty; preparation and experience make a difference. There may be effective defenses available to you.

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