Resource Links

We have compiled a list of helpful websites that may be able to answer some general questions about DWI cases in North Carolina. At Powers McCartan we are happy to answer your questions, are available via phone 24 hours a day and offer free consultations in most cases. Call us at (704) 342-4357.

Monitech Inc.
If you have questions about how the Monitech Ignition Interlock devices work, a great place to start is on the Monitech website. They provide a great overview of who may be eligible to use an ignition interlock device, the cost of using one and a list of Monitech service centers.

OneDUI is a great resource for general information about DUIs and DWIs across the United States.

N.C. Dept. of Motor Vehicles
The North Carolina DMV provides a wealth of general information about DWIs, license suspension, fines and office locations. They also provide a detailed handbook with additional information about each of these subjects.

N.C. Dept. of Public Safety
The North Carolina Department of Public Safety provides information on the five different levels of misdemeanor DWI charges and their potential consequences. They also provide helpful information on offenders under 21 years old, drug testing and license revocation.

North Carolina Court System
While we always recommend representation in court for any criminal matter, the North Carolina Court System provides a helpful overview of the criminal court process on their website. They provide access to court calendars for each county for the upcoming week; if you have a hearing scheduled you can use the system to confirm the courtroom, date and time.