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Traffic violations can have serious consequences with respect to your ability to drive. It’s prudent to consult with an attorney at Powers McCartan if you are facing a suspension or revocation. These are often time-sensitive matters and an efficient response to the situation may help you get back on the road sooner. We are here to answer your questions and can be reached at the following resource links.

N.C. Limited Driving Privileges
This link provides the complete wording of the statute in North Carolina that allows for limited driving privileges after a license suspension. This is a great place to start if you are wondering if you qualify for a limited driver’s license for the purpose of driving to work, school or caring for your family.

N.C. Dept. of Motor Vehicles
The North Carolina DMV provides a wealth of general information about DWIs, license suspension, fines and office locations. They also provide a detailed handbook with additional information about each of these subjects.

N.C. Dept. of Insurance
If you are curious about the insurance requirements for driving a vehicle in North Carolina, the Department of Insurance is a wonderful resource.

Check Your N.C. Driving Record
The DMV in North Carolina provides the ability to check your driving record and update your contact information through their website. If you have any doubts about the effect of speeding tickets or other violations on your ability to drive, checking your driving record is the best way to ensure that you are not operating on a suspended license.

N.C. LDP Form
You can use this link to view the form your attorney will use to request a Limited Driving Privilege if you were charged with driving while your license was revoked or for committing a moving violation while your license was revoked.